Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Download CentOS Linux

Hello guys today i am going to discuss an important Linux operating system called Centosh.Centosh is a Linux based operating syatem.Wile you are starting to learn Linux programming you should start with cantosh.Mainly it has two verities .The first one is Centosh desktop version and the second one is Centosh server version.
This version of Linux is also based on  red hat Linux  and includes all available features of Red Hat Linux. Latest version Centos 5 Based on Red Hat Linux.
The most recent version of Centos is CnetOS7 (1503) .
A number of  new features like update to IPA includes here. This version also supports two factor authentication. It also includes OpenJDK 8, the return of Thunderbird, and improved container support.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Internet Download Manager 6.23 pro Build 19

Internet download manager is important software for downloading with first speed. We can download videos from YouTube through Internet download manager. We can also use Internet Download Manger for downloading every single material from Torrents servers. It also includes resume r capacity.
 If your internet connection is lost or you are in hurry to go outside while downloading an important file then you just pause the download and resume the download when you are free by just clicking the start button. Another special feature which makes it different from other download manager is that you can control your download speed. While you are browsing then you can just limit the download speed as your wish. After finishing your browsing you can return your previous download speed. I suggest internet download manager because it is faster than any other download manager. So get it enjoy downloading with speed beyond your imagination. 

                                              DOWNLOAD IDM PRO 6.23 Bulid 19
                                                     get the full version here


Linux is an open source OS  distribution .There are many kinds Linux distribution .Such as Ubuntu Debian Fedora Centos etc. In this post I will try to give you a short knowledge about Ubuntu OS distribution. So let’s started here .Ubuntu is an open source Linux distribution. Among all other Linux distributions Ubuntu  is most widely used desktop interface. Mainly Ubuntu consists of three versions the first one is Ubuntu desktop version, the second one is Ubuntu server version and the last one is Ubuntu Notebook remix. Ubuntu has first started its journey on 20th October 2004.    There are many reasons work behind  which makes it more advantageous than windows  some of them are Cost of operation , Built in apps Facility and many more.
 The first point is cost of operation . When ever you need to upgrade your  windows operating system you need to pay money that means you need to buy that version of windows from the  verified supplier. But in Ubuntu Operating system you can   easily upgrade your os with free of cost.

The another point is built in apps facility. In windows interface you need to install office interfaces externally but Ubuntu eliminates this discomfort it has built in office interface which is called LIBRE OFFICE .

                                                       Ubuntu 14.04.3 download

Monday, August 17, 2015


Linux is an operating system which is used in many platform like Desktop ,laptop, notebook etc. It is free and open source software .It is first released on October 5 1991 by  Linus Torvald. As it free and open source distribution the involving underlying source code can be used or modified  through commercially or non commercially which have GNU General public License. It is commonly known as LINUX DISRTIBUTION. Some of the most coomoly used LINUX distributions are   UBUNTU ,DEBIAN,CENTOS ,FEDORA,RED HAT,ARCH LINUX,SUSE etc. Statistics show that among the LINUX distribution Ubuntu desktop version is used more then Debian.

Now Ubuntu is the mostly used desktop version and also for server management. Ubuntu has three versions Ubuntu Desktop Version , Ubuntu server version and Ubuntu desktop Remix.

Debian is commonly called as Debian GNU/LINUX. It includes number 1 distro Ubuntu . It is created by Ian Murdock.

 Fedora is most commonly used for hacking purpose. It is created by red hat . It’slatest version is Fedora11 based on Red hat linux.

This version of Linux is also based on  red hat Linux  and includse all available features of Red Hat Linux. Latest version Centos 5 Based on Red Hat Linux.

This is the most favourite version of Linux which is used for server management. It is created by Red Hat and Latest version Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.


The operating principal is based on the AUDIO SPOTLIGHT SYSTEM . Holosonic company has developed this technology . It uses tiny speakers to focus sound into a very narrow beam. When the sound goes throw the audio spotlight system’s speaker  it is distorted by the air and make it audible.

Can you imagine a war which is performed only by using a computer and you can’t imagine how destructive this war could be. James Comey  the past FBI director have predict that Cyber attacks will soon overtake the place of inter national terrorisom. For example South Korea accused North Korea for cyberattacks.

It brings a revolutionary change in our modern technology . This technology is developed by Vernor Vinge who is professionally  a mathematics professor in San Diego State University. The finger print of every individual person is different. He first think how to to use this biological advantage .At first 1993 he first  proposed  this technology

Friday, May 1, 2015

Clash Of Clans

It is an interesting game. In which you have your own village and air base. At first you have to install the game from Google play store. Then the first work you have to do is to decorate your village.

At first you will get 500 gems with which you can buy your required defence material such as mortar cannon archer tower etc. which will help you to protect your town hall and your storage like gold and elixir. You can also attack other player's villages in order to maximize your gold and elixir storage. Gold is needed to upgrade your town hall and elixir is   needed to train your troops. You have army barracks in your village. You need gold to upgrade your troops.

The most exciting feature is clan wars. For that you have to join a clan castle and start a war with the help of your troops. Unlock most powerful troops like  dragons giant etc. level up your troops you can make a huge damage to your opponents. Just login to Google play install the game and enjoy the clash .
You can see town hall 7 attack strategy here:

Monday, May 5, 2014


Today i am going to discuss about super heterodyne receiver . It is an important topics for the students reading communication engineering .Among all of the receivers the super heterodyne receiver is the most popular and largely used receiver.To learn more about super heterodyne receiver at first we have to know the basic definition of receiver.

RECEIVER is an electronic equipment which receives radio signal and convert the information into an useable form.

The working principal of a Super heterodyne receiver can be classified into three different stages. The first section is Radio frequency  section , second section is intermediate frequency section and the third section is audio frequency section.
Block diagram of super heterodyne receiver:

RF SECTION: The first stage is a tuned RF amplifier using two variable tuned circuit. The  two tuned RF circuit form a band pass filter to pass the desired RF signal frequency and blocking the others. This stage acts to boost  the weak signal level from the antenna  above the noise level to provide some signal selectivity. The out put signal from the RF amplifier is fed to one input of the mixer circuit and the local oscillator section to the other.

IF SECTION: The mixer output is fed is fed to two cascade tuned IF amplifier which provides fixed tune and sufficient selectivity to reject adjacent channel signal.

AF SECTION: The output from the IF amplifier chain is fed to the detection circuit where the audio signal is extracted from the if carrier.  The  audio signal is passed through the low pass filter to remove the unwanted high frequency signal. The audio amplifier is one low level audio stage followed by a power amplifier and a speaker.