Monday, August 17, 2015


Linux is an operating system which is used in many platform like Desktop ,laptop, notebook etc. It is free and open source software .It is first released on October 5 1991 by  Linus Torvald. As it free and open source distribution the involving underlying source code can be used or modified  through commercially or non commercially which have GNU General public License. It is commonly known as LINUX DISRTIBUTION. Some of the most coomoly used LINUX distributions are   UBUNTU ,DEBIAN,CENTOS ,FEDORA,RED HAT,ARCH LINUX,SUSE etc. Statistics show that among the LINUX distribution Ubuntu desktop version is used more then Debian.

Now Ubuntu is the mostly used desktop version and also for server management. Ubuntu has three versions Ubuntu Desktop Version , Ubuntu server version and Ubuntu desktop Remix.

Debian is commonly called as Debian GNU/LINUX. It includes number 1 distro Ubuntu . It is created by Ian Murdock.

 Fedora is most commonly used for hacking purpose. It is created by red hat . It’slatest version is Fedora11 based on Red hat linux.

This version of Linux is also based on  red hat Linux  and includse all available features of Red Hat Linux. Latest version Centos 5 Based on Red Hat Linux.

This is the most favourite version of Linux which is used for server management. It is created by Red Hat and Latest version Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.

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