Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Linux is an open source OS  distribution .There are many kinds Linux distribution .Such as Ubuntu Debian Fedora Centos etc. In this post I will try to give you a short knowledge about Ubuntu OS distribution. So let’s started here .Ubuntu is an open source Linux distribution. Among all other Linux distributions Ubuntu  is most widely used desktop interface. Mainly Ubuntu consists of three versions the first one is Ubuntu desktop version, the second one is Ubuntu server version and the last one is Ubuntu Notebook remix. Ubuntu has first started its journey on 20th October 2004.    There are many reasons work behind  which makes it more advantageous than windows  some of them are Cost of operation , Built in apps Facility and many more.
 The first point is cost of operation . When ever you need to upgrade your  windows operating system you need to pay money that means you need to buy that version of windows from the  verified supplier. But in Ubuntu Operating system you can   easily upgrade your os with free of cost.

The another point is built in apps facility. In windows interface you need to install office interfaces externally but Ubuntu eliminates this discomfort it has built in office interface which is called LIBRE OFFICE .

                                                       Ubuntu 14.04.3 download

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