Friday, May 1, 2015

Clash Of Clans

It is an interesting game. In which you have your own village and air base. At first you have to install the game from Google play store. Then the first work you have to do is to decorate your village.

At first you will get 500 gems with which you can buy your required defence material such as mortar cannon archer tower etc. which will help you to protect your town hall and your storage like gold and elixir. You can also attack other player's villages in order to maximize your gold and elixir storage. Gold is needed to upgrade your town hall and elixir is   needed to train your troops. You have army barracks in your village. You need gold to upgrade your troops.

The most exciting feature is clan wars. For that you have to join a clan castle and start a war with the help of your troops. Unlock most powerful troops like  dragons giant etc. level up your troops you can make a huge damage to your opponents. Just login to Google play install the game and enjoy the clash .
You can see town hall 7 attack strategy here:

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